How three Aged Care providers accelerated their AN-ACC funding

May 8, 2024 | AN-ACC

By Stephen Rowan, Senior Consultant

Navigating the intricate landscape of aged care funding and compliance requires a blend of strategic insight, operational proficiency, and a clear understanding of regulatory requirements. As providers have transitioned to the AN-ACC framework, the focus on workforce capacity, care minute compliance, and financial optimisation has now become more critical than ever.

Here is how three aged care providers have benefited from support to accelerate their AN-ACC funding.

Client 1: NSW provider with 650 beds

Despite possessing ample resources and seasoned expertise in aged care, this organisation found itself lacking in experience with the AN-ACC funding model. Seeking to enhance their operational efficiency, they sought an external review to evaluate internal processes and identify opportunities for revenue improvement whilst maintaining their 5- star staffing rating.

Our goal was to help them maximise margin without sacrificing 5-star staffing rating. Although this provider had established procedures, our role was to identify any overlooked opportunities.

Outcome: Through our AN-ACC assessment review and Care Minute analysis, we developed an AN-ACC profile that boosted the annual operating margin by $250,000. This enhancement encompassed strategic AN-ACC reclassifications, requiring only minor adjustments to the roster.

Client 2: NSW provider with 120 beds

This provider had a lack of AN-ACC knowledge and process and were not too sure when to reclassify an AN-ACC classification and the implication to their future roster when doing so.

Our goal was to optimise operating margin while maintaining care minute compliance. Through our AN-ACC Accelerator program and conducting a thorough AN-ACC review, we discovered that more than 20% of the consumer population was eligible for immediate increases in AN-ACC funding.

Outcome: By combining the insight that 20% of the population was eligible for immediate AN-ACC funding increase together with our Care Minute analysis, we built an AN-ACC profile that increased annual operating margin by $450,000, only requiring three additional hours of RN time per day to remain compliant.

Client 3: A regional NSW provider

Very capable but under-resourced, staff with AN-ACC responsibilities would often be pulled into other roles to cover leave, resulting in AN-ACC being overlooked.

Our goal was to assist this provider by enhancing support in areas they were under-resourced. Our clinical team reviewed all residents via their Care Management System, communicating findings to AN-ACC staff.

Outcome: This proactive approach led to the discovery of $300,000 in annual revenue, providing much-needed support for this under resourced single-site facility.

It’s worth noting that for those with multiple facilities, the impact would multiply.

Could you use some support to get AN-ACC on track?

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