Maintain funding momentum by preparing for the AN-ACC transition

The AN-ACC funding model will bring several important changes to your finances, people, processes, data, and systems. Our team has been focused on the aged care sector for over a decade and we bring this experience, coupled with the combined experiences of our clients, to help you plan for these changes.

Get ahead of the curve and be prepared for the change

The last time the Aged Care sector experienced a significant change to the funding model was the shift from RCS to ACFI in 2008. What we saw in that period was slow adoption of ACFI by providers and as a result, an industry-wide decrease in funding for three consecutive years. The new AN-ACC model has been implemented as of October 2022.

This change in the funding model will be significant in several ways:

The assessments will move from internally produced to externally assessed

The model will move to a case mix model

The diagnostics will change, and staff will need to be retrained

ACFI resources will need to move into changed roles

Data and systems will need to change to accommodate new information

Finance function will need to be prepared for new reconciliation processes.

Get support to transition from ACFI

Our AN-ACC Transition Support service will help you to manage the transition from your current state through until AN-ACC implementation, take a leading position in preparation and enable continued funding increases over the coming years.

We will work with you to establish:

Setting up initial governance

A high-level implementation plan to determine the timing, investment and order of implementation

Working groups inside your organisation and tasks to be completed

Transition support by managing the steering committee

You’ll also receive:

Industry insights and updates on AN-ACC for your organisation

Access to additional services including AN-ACC training.


Our approach leverages our knowledge of AN-ACC, experience in transformation and your knowledge of your business.

Get ahead of the curve