AN-ACC & the associated care minutes are no longer about the funding, they’re about the data.

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we’ll delve into how the AN-ACC framework has led to a significant paradigm shift, compelling us to let go of the established practices of the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI). This change requires a fundamental shift in our understanding of funding dynamics, prompting an essential change in our approach.

With the introduction of AN-ACC and its corresponding care minutes, the emphasis is shifting from solely focusing on funding considerations to a more robust focus on data and analytics.

During this webinar, you’ll gain insights into:

  • The new AN-ACC model and the dependent care minute requirements, which now tether revenue to cost in a way that cannot be manipulated. Therefore, it is through analytics and marginal improvements that providers need to ensure they receive all of their funding entitlements.
  • The change to external assessment has also created a void in the data we have versus the data that the Department has from assessments.
  • Providers need to revolutionise their data capability into a system that is secure, functional, and creates both reporting and transactional capabilities.
  • The example of “Moneyball” in the early 2000s will be discussed as an analogy of how a heavily “knowledge-based” industry was transformed by data and analytics.

Don’t miss this insightful webinar and learn how leveraging data and analytics can help your organisation stay ahead of the curve.

Your hosts

Rob Covino

Rob Covino

Partner & Founder and Director of Mirus Australia

Robert is the Director and Founder at Mirus Australia and has over a decade of management consulting experience in aged care.
At Mirus, Robert develops strategic service offerings and the associated methodologies for the industry, adapting delivery strategies to accommodate clients’ needs. Robert is the host of the popular monthly video series Mirus Industry Analysis (MIA).


Andrew Farmer

Partner & CEO of Mirus Australia

Andrew’s focus is to enable growth and change through innovation and empowering people. As a Partner of Mirus Australia, Andrew leads the business strategy so that Mirus performs the best way it can for its people and customers. With 30 years experience across major industries including Health, Banking, Manufacturing and Consulting, Andrew has specialisation in sales and marketing leadership, commercialisation, strategy, innovation, workshop design and facilitation, analysis/problem solving and articulating value.

Tyler Fisher

Tyler Fisher

Senior Manager, Data and Analytics

Tyler is the Mirus Australia Data Scientist who oversees the largest combined database of aged care information covering workforce, government expenditure and all key performance metrics relating to funding. Tyler has strong data management and statistical analysis skills and was previously a Revenue Manager for NSW Health.

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