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Benchmarking & InsightsWe love big data! With one of the largest Aged Care databases in Australia, we capture data covering more than 40,000 beds dating back to pre-ACFI. We’re advocates for providers and use these insights to make aged care better.

Benchmarking & Insights allow you to compare your Average Daily Subsidy (ADS) to the industry average. You’ll also gain valuable insights into your ACFI claim activity and occupancy. This helps you see where you could be by showing you where you are.

Comparing your performance helps you answer the question, “what’s the best result we can achieve?”.

  • See the impact industry changes have on your organisation
  • Identify areas in need of operational improvement
  • Focus your energy (and your teams) in the most effective way

With Mirus Benchmarking & Insights, your data is collected daily from Medicare. This ensures accuracy and there’s no need for manual data entry; leaving you with more time to focus on the really important things.

Accurate benchmarking: automatic, instant and free.


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