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The strain placed on Australian Residential Aged Care Providers to operate competitively and sustainably is increasing

Over the next 5 years, the government is reducing funding to the sector by $1.2bn. In a bid to achieve this goal, significant changes to the ACFI model have been made.

In addition to this, the audits which verify the validity of claims have become more robust and extend back in time further than ever before. In 2017 alone this has led to an average reduction in funding of 0.5%.

Mirus Metrics: The business intelligence platform that makes managing and reconciling Medicare revenue simple and fast. 

Clear actionable insights

Clear actionable insights

Encourages a targeted approach to ensure ACFI funding is sustainable. Improves quality of Medicare information by reducing the risk of incomplete or incorrect Medicare data.

Up to date reporting

Up to date reporting

A snapshot on the facility’s performance, including historical tracking of ACFI subsidies and supplements, resident classifications and occupancy to quantify improvements or provide early alerts on future revenue impacts.

Reduced staff time

Reduced staff time

Less time is spent preparing and reviewing management information, allowing clinical staff to act on insights and focus more on care activities.

“Take the management out of managing Medicare revenue”

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