Lachlan Davies​

Consultant, Revenue Management​

Lachlan joined Mirus in 2021 and is a versatile facilitator.

At Mirus, he helps organisations with funding and revenue sustainability, optimisation, admissions, workforce, quality and risk. Previously he worked as an accredited Exercise Physiologist with ageing populations. This experience allowed him to provide a resident-centred perspective and to prioritize quality of life and positive clinical outcomes for residents understanding the industry from within. He has varied experience ranging from consultancy, data analysis, and customer support.​

Lachlan has a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology from the University of New South Wales and a Bachelor of Business, Accounting and Finance from the University of Technology Sydney.​

Personally, he is passionate about learning, and about general health and disease prevention. He spends his weekends keeping up to date with clinical research.​

We know you will find Lachlan smart, professional and fascinating.​​
0422 930 801​
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