For aged care providers, the introduction of AN-ACC means they will need to realign their people, processes, some organisation structures, and data reporting to understand the new world.

They will need to look at their residents through a new lens and know how to start the revenue process and build the clinical evidence for the independent assessment teams to confirm.

For Care managers and ACFI coordinators, their transitional journey starts now as evidence shows the introduction of new funding models can take years to embed.

The Mirus ACFI to AN-ACC Pathway (MAAP) is our transformation roadmap to help clients through this. It provides detail on the phases of transition between now and the new AN-ACC world; and the actions to take across the workstreams of Finance, People, Process, Data, and Systems.

Check your readiness
to respond to AN-ACC

This tool contains questions that will help you understand where your organisation stands as you respond to the introduction of AN-ACC across the workstreams of Finance, People, Process, Data, and Systems.

What you’ll get

An assessment of where your company stands on each phase

Insights and recommendations on which areas to focus on and when

A future view on what you’ll need to do next

MAAP pathway

We have completely reviewed our ACFI data and processes and invested in them to make sure they are running at a 100% because we understand that ACFI will be paying the bills until at least October 2022.

We understand that the shift from ACFI to AN-ACC will have a fundamental impact on our largest source of income and we are prepared for those changes and how we will manage our finances in the new AN-ACC world.

We understand that the impact of AN-ACC on our current roles and staff will be significant, particularly our ACFI and clinical staff responsible for providing the data and evidence for ACFI. We are prepared for the retraining and change in roles and the change from internally to externally assessed.

We have considered that in the transition to AN-ACC, there will need to be resources retrained and dedicated to the change so that we may need capacity support in ACFI to keep our funding high while we go through the transition.

We understand how the new AN-ACC processes will be different to ACFI, particularly as they are case mix based and externally assessed and we are prepared for the change in our internal processes.

We have considered how our audit and quality processes will need to change for AN-ACC and how those processes may present different operational risks to the business and we are prepared for the changes to these processes.

We understand that the systems we will use to manage our AN-ACC funding data and the clinical data we use to justify funding will have to change and so the systems we use will also have to change. We are prepared for these changes.

We understand that the current systems we use to manage ACFI will need to be kept up to date and accurate and highly functioning until at least October 2022 and we are prepared for that so that we maintain our high levels of ACFI funding.

We understand that AN-ACC will require the capture of different information and we are prepared for the changes to our reporting and the information we use to run the business on a daily basis

We are confident that our current ACFI reporting and data is accurate and that the information we use to run the business until the AN-ACC model comes in will help us run at an optimal level of funding.

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