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Making space for good ideas.

Bojana Sokolovic is a highly respected team leader at Mirus Australia. Day-to-day Bojana manages the Mirus Clinical Assessment team and the offsite technology team. In 2018 Bojana received Mirus Australia’s most prestigious award, “The Founders Choice”. This award is...
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Much ado about Design thinking? with Anthony Carroll

In business, we are constantly presented with new ways of doing something. Whether it's the latest marketing trend or a whole new business model, it can be quite easy to get bamboozled with the latest idea or methodology. There has been a lot of talk about Design...
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Mike Up with Michael Dalichau + special guest Chris Petzoldt

Mike Up with Michael Dalichau. A conversation with expert business leaders. Michael has a conversation with expert business leaders via his podcast, providing another channel for connection during the complex changes facing the Australian Aged Care industry. Michael...
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Is this the perfect storm? Workforce management in residential aged care by Sara Golding

A trend in declining funding, pressure to introduce staffing ratios, an increase in resident complex care needs combined with the difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff – is this the perfect storm in residential aged care workforce management? In isolation, each...
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What 3 key performance indicators are you ignoring?

Balancing revenue and expenditure in any business is crucial for its success. In aged care, monitoring and managing occupancy is key to improving financial sustainability. The occupancy has a direct impact on the financial management of fixed and variable costs as...
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Mirus Industry Analysis January 2019 (MIA)

We received wonderful reviews for our aged care industry analysis for last month. Thank you. We always bring the industry analysis at the beginning of the month and the data used will be that of the previous month. For example, we have released MIA January 2019 today,...
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Mirus Industry Analysis December 2018 (MIA)

We understand that KPIs and performance levels need to be measured continuously as care requirements of your clients and your activities to keep up with it changes in real-time. To hopefully make things a little easier for you, every month, we’ll be bringing to your...
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When was the last time you were celebrated? Dr Kirstin Ferguson inspired Samantha Bowen and Amanda Terranova to launch #celebratingwomeninagedcare on January 1st, 2019. At the start of 2017, Dr Kirstin Ferguson wrote an opinion piece for media publisher Women’s Agenda...
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