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Support tool in response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety

An open letter . . . The team at Mirus Australia understands the added pressure the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is placing on providers today. Our team has developed the following support tool to assist our valued clients and potential clients...
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Tom’s approach to adulting.

Tom Murphy joined the Mirus Australia team over 5 years ago as employee #9. A senior manager of the Mirus Australia Revenue Delivery team, he is constantly inspired and motivated by the opportunity to dissect and solve problems for our valued clients and team...
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Introducing Mirus team player, resident problem solver & aspiring chef, Joyce Boon.

Joyce is a glass-half-full person, her motto is… "Aim for the sky, if you fall, you fall on the clouds". She has been a trusted Workforce consultant at Mirus Australia for the past two years. Putting her problem-solving skills to use, she is part of a team that offers...
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Celebrate our unsung heroes with Aged Care Employee Day

Celebrate Australia’s unsung heroes with Aged Care Employee Day on 7th August 2018. It’s an official day to thank, honour, recognise and celebrate the hundreds of thousands of people who work in the aged care industry across Australia. On August 7th, reach out to...
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People: The Organisational Psychologist, Flight Lieutenant + Reorg the dog balance.

Meet Organisational Psychologist, Flight Lieutenant + Reorg, the companion dog at Mirus Australia.

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Chocolate tales of the Mirus team

A little while ago a colleague installed a chocolate box on my desk for charity, since then I’ve acquired an extra role: people’s consciousness. They come to me to dialogue with themselves, mostly about two things: chocolate and money. ‘Look, I didn’t have breakfast,...
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Architecture in an aged care setting

  Architecture is not just a physical setting Without giving it much thought, we live and work in a physical setting that influences us and what takes place within it. Winston Churchill said it simply: “We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape...
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Technology in aged care – The beauty and benefits of The Virtual Forest™

Across Australia, aged care facilities use technology and innovation to improve work and care processes for the benefit of residents. Technology can offer a range of benefits for seniors, including improved mobility and independence, communication and interaction, and...
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