Mapping people + technology to the aged care quality standards

“With modern technology, we know how far an Uber is from our house by looking at the location on our smart phone. So, if we know how far away a ride-sharing service is, shouldn’t we know who is working in our facility looking after our older Australians in real-time? Creating the future of aged care requires a new way of thinking.” 

James Price, Mirus Australia Co-Founder

Quality Standards

Aged Care Quality Standards from July, 2019 from the Department of Health

Think About

Practical ideas and recommendations to think about pertaining to each standard

Mapping Solutions

Mirus Australia’s response to each new standard with an easy to read summary

Key numbers


of aged care marketers say that a website is the most effective channel to acquire clients*


Media spend in the aged care and retirement sectors year on year**

We partner with over 100 care providers

“A higher level of care has been delivered to our residents as a result of working with Mirus”
“I was really impressed with the focus Mirus Australia have towards education. To have the skill of experts to keep my staff abreast of changes and to provide support on an ongoing basis is paramount to me.”
“A proven methodology to ensure we are capturing our clients needs on a regular basis.”

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