Petra Awad

Senior Consultant, Revenue Management​

Petra has worked at Mirus Australia since early 2019 and is an experienced facilitator with extensive expertise across the industry.

She has over seven years of consulting expertise assisting a wide variety of organisations to navigate strategic change, operational and financial challenges. ​ Her prior experience in community engagement and advocacy makes her a confident facilitator for Mirus Academy.​

She has a Masters in International Law & International Relations from the University of New South Whales and a Bachelors in Communications (Social Inquiry) & International Studies from the University of Technology Sydney.​

On a personal level, Petra is an avid reader, loves cooking and is fluent in English, Arabic and Spanish. Remember to say ‘hola’ when you meet her!​

We know you will find Petra professional, engaging, and a lot of fun!​​
0466 575 478​
LinkedIn: connect with Petra​