Robert Covino

Executive Director

Robert is a Director and co-founder at Mirus Australia and has more than 7 years of management consulting experience in Aged Care. Robert develops Mirus’ ongoing education programs, adapting our delivery strategies to accommodate our clients’ needs.

Before the inception of Mirus, Robert was a Senior Manager with the PwC consulting practice. His focus was on helping organisations achieve sustainable financial growth by aligning people, processes, structures and technology. Robert was also instrumental in developing its National Aged Care Advisory practice and associated methodologies.

Prior to PwC, Robert spent 4 years in the US with an IBM company, SPSS. Here he worked with Fortune 500 companies helping them implement business intelligence and reporting tools around corporate strategies.

Robert is passionate about projects – both in business and at home. Planning them, executing them and then admiring the results. Recently, he’s been applying this passion to garden and home projects (most likely driving his family up the wall!).

Robert’s other passion is bikes and, if he’s not with his family, you can usually find him on some form of bike (mountain or road), riding the terrains of Australia.

Robert helps Aged Care providers with his fresh point of view on the way they approach the challenges within.  Speak with Robert to hear about how Mirus’ tools and methodologies could apply to you.

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