The conclusion of the 4b subsidy

One of the key issues providers need to address with the implementation of AN-ACC in October is pain management.   

We need to remember two things:   

  1. There is no specific pain management claim under the AN-ACC model. This is incorporated into the increased funding assigned to the classifications with assisted mobility or not mobile branches and compounding factors.   
  2. Allied Health staff are not included in the care minute requirement – it is solely RN, EN and Care Worker/AIN.   

The 4b subsidy was designed to cover the cost of an Allied Health professional delivering a massage for 20 minutes, four times per week. This subsidy will cease on September 30, 2022, and we caution Providers not to wait until then to consider the impact of this from a clinical, quality and financial perspective.

This webinar will explore

There are five key steps that can be taken to transition your 4b pain management program:  

  1. Identify – Analysis of care information to identify potentially suitable candidates to remove from 4b onto alternative. 
  2. Case conferencing – Discussion with care staff and allied health regarding the resident and suitability for other pain management. 
  3. Tracking – Managing the transition of residents from 4b onto alternative solutions. 
  4. Innovation – Trial of alternative methods of pain management including group classes. 
  5. Compliance –Check care information to ensure pain is being managed.  

Pain management and physiotherapy are required therapies as part of a care plan in Australian Aged Care and will continue to be after AN-ACC commences. The available alternatives to the 4b programs currently widely employed are numerous and the transition can be managed well.   

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