Most industries are being revolutionised by AI and aged care is no different

Artificial Intelligence represents a leap forward in data processing power and provides almost endless possibilities to improve the provision of care. Join us for a very topical webinar to explore how AI is reshaping clinical processes and creating opportunities for efficiency in aged care and home care. 

We will look at how AI is being developed to: 

  • Drive efficiency:  AI can reduce the burden on care providers from time consuming process and support key activities such as identifying AN-ACC classification insights, allowing staff to focus more on resident well-being. 
  • Enhance individual care:  AI analysis of health data can provide valuable insights on patterns of care and predict areas of further care that meet the unique needs of each resident. 
  • Improve compliance:  AI-driven solutions can monitor and ensure adherence to regulations and protocols, fill gaps in data and raise the overall quality of care information. 
  • Provide greater insights:  AI-powered data analysis can help you make informed decisions and stay ahead in the competitive and fast changing landscape of aged care. 

If you are eager to discover new possibilities with AI, then be sure to join us and hear how other aged care leaders are transforming their businesses with AI and solving some of the industry’s most critical challenges. 

Joining us on the panel

Sue Thomson

CEO of McLean Care

Sue Thomson is the Chief Executive Officer at McLean Care, an award- winning, not for profit aged care provider. Sue is the visionary behind iAgeHealth. Her passion and commitment to the health and wellbeing of the ageing population in regional, rural and remote (RRR) areas is a result of over 20 years’ lived experience and service. Driving the innovation and creation of iAgeHealth which is delivering improved clinical outcomes for vulnerable people and addressing workforce challenges globally.

Phil Martin

Executive Director, Aged Care Services at MercyCare

Phil Martin is an experienced healthcare leader with almost 20 years in the sector, excels in operations, governance, risk management, and strategy, prioritising the well-being of vulnerable individuals. His influential leadership has enriched services at St John Ambulance, reformed MercyCare, and spearheaded transformative initiatives in aged care, embodying a culture of excellence and compassion. With post-graduate qualifications in health leadership and emergency management, and as a graduate of the Institute of Company Directors, Phil leads as Executive Director of Aged Care Services at MercyCare, driving a high-performance team dedicated to compassionate care.

Justin Dover

Co-CEO at Alino Living

Justin Dover is a dedicated professional with over 29 years of experience in the aged care sector. Starting his journey as an assistant in nursing, Justin has worked in various organisations. Currently serving as the Co-CEO of Alino Living, a not-for-profit organisation, Justin oversees operations across four sites on the NSW Central Coast. Justin also a director of PACE Care, an organisation providing financial processing services to aged care organisations. Justin’s extensive experience, coupled with his genuine care and dedication, make him a respected figure in the aged care sector.

Your hosts


Andrew Farmer

Partner of Mirus Australia

Andrew’s focus is to enable growth and change through innovation and empowering people. As a Partner of Mirus Australia, Andrew leads the business strategy so that Mirus performs the best way it can for its people and customers. With 30 years experience across major industries including Health, Banking, Manufacturing and Consulting, Andrew has specialisation in sales and marketing leadership, commercialisation, strategy, innovation, workshop design and facilitation, analysis/problem solving and articulating value.

Rob Covino

Founder of Mirus Australia

Robert is the Director and Founder at Mirus Australia and has over a decade of management consulting experience in aged care. Before the inception of Mirus Australia, Robert was a Senior Manager with the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Advisory practice. His focus was on helping organisations achieve sustainable financial growth by aligning people, processes, structures and technology.
Robert was instrumental in developing the National Aged Care Advisory practice for PwC and associated methodologies. The pivotal program which led to Robert’s transition to the aged care industry was the post-merger implementation program on AMP’s acquisition of the Domain and Principal Aged Care group known today as Opal Aged Care.

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