Mirus Industry Analysis: November 2018

Please join Rob Covino direct from the Mirus Australia Sydney office. Each month Rob and the Mirus Australia Business Intelligence team provide industry insights from the previous month.

Key metrics include Average Daily Subsidy across the country, occupancy rates, workforce management trends and claiming activity directly collected from the 65,000 + beds Mirus Australia reports on.

What do these trends and data mean to your business and how can you turn these insights into meaningful actions for you and your team? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Mirus Client Centre to discuss how we support our valued clients.

And please join Michael Dalichau and Tom Murphy from the team as they discuss “unlocking your data” via a short on-demand webinar by clicking here.  Unlock the power of data demonstrates how to optimise your complementary Mirus Australia benchmarking data by business workflow streams for improved financial performance.