Mirus is a leading technology and advisory business with a goal of helping aged care organisations provide the best care for their residents and staff with expertise in revenue, marketing + admissions and workforce management.


Our focus is on business and processes and we believe that by supporting your business, the care staff can spend more time delivering care. We make a point about delivering value; an investment in Mirus will be better for your bottom line, better for your people, better for your organisation and that all helps make life better for your residents.

The Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) is now over 7 years old and our industry has come a long way in that time. Reforms have changed the way Aged Care is funded, resident numbers are rising and the cost of care is increasing. It’s essential that Providers are able meet these challenges. Now, more than ever, Providers need to ensure revenue is both optimised and sustainable.

You already know that 70% your revenue comes from ACFI funding and now pricing reform has changed the competitive landscape. How are you responding today and planning for the future?

Creating financial sustainability together.

We take care of your business. In the face of this rapidly changing market and a “new world” of commercially focused providers, it is even more important to support your workforce. The Mirus Team are experienced at identifying and implementing sustainable financial plans in diverse consulting and Aged Care settings. We recognise each Provider’s journey is unique so partnering with our clients is essential to address their toughest financial and operational challenges.

Are your care costs increasing?

Is management of funding tedious for your staff?

Does your organisation have the business management skills required to succeed?

There are many questions we can help you answer – through the services we offer – to make sure your financial plan matches the high level of care you provide.

Clearer business insights.

Working on these challenging issues requires thorough financial and operational insights into your data and from across the industry. Reaching your goals is much easier once you know where you are! With one of the largest Aged Care databases in Australia, our clients have up-to-date, relevant insights. Best of all, they are clear.

What big challenges do you think lie ahead? Please contact Mirus to find out how we could help you tackle them.

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