Back to the future: The importance of real-time data

November 11, 2020 | Aged Care Management

What would a $1 or a 1% increase in performance mean at your organisation?

James Price, co-founder at Mirus Australia explains in further detail the revenue equation and why a $9,000 AUD Swiss Army Knife approach is not ideal for aged care and one size does not fit all.

Reporting is of paramount importance to every organisation. You can do it and do it well, but should you? Or would you prefer to co-source it with a partner with the expertise and industry knowledge, so you could spend you valuable time in providing quality care?

A number of providers are running their business with reporting lag. Reporting lags can be detrimental to business performance:

  • Your data is in the past.
  • Your data might be useful to know but does it give you an indication of future performance?

So why do you need real-time data?

Your admission process can take several weeks. You do not want to go through the whole process to find out that the residents are not the right fit.

Manage and optimise the cost of your roster in real time is extremely important to financial sustainability.

…and many more benefits.

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