Social Media: How do you know if you are winning?

May 18, 2020 | Uncategorised

You have taken 100’s of photos, filmed 100’s of videos and updated the status of your brand 100 times. And done.

You have done all you can to maximise your social media growth and reach, but are you “winning”?

How do you know if you are?  

A recent study  found that  more than 36%  of chief financial officers believe chief marketing officers rely too much on vanity metrics** and aren’t measuring what matters!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common metrics to gauge your social media success.  

1. Engagement 

The number of people who interact with your content counts towards engagement. For example, Facebook engagement consists of clicks, comments, and shares. These activities go beyond the like – they show more thought, effort, and connection with a brand. 

A high engagement rate means people more than just like what you are posting. 

Be conscious when measuring engagement against your actual followers/fans. For example, if you have 20k followers but only 100 likes a post, the engagement rate is 0.5%. Chances are you are not connecting with the right audience or you are not engaging or your content is not relevant to your target audience.

Based on a recent internal study conducted at Mirus Australia, the median social media engagement rate for aged care organisations was between 10-15%.

2. Visits to website 

Also known as “social referral,” this shows how many people went to your website from your social media content. 

After all, the hub of your marketing and your lead machine is your website.

If your social media content is actively driving the right behaviour – visiting your website, you’re doing something right. 

Check out where your social media leads enter your website, track the pages they visit, and where the potential client drops off.

Also, take a look at the specific posts and channels that garner the most clicks, so you can scale your success by designing and publishing more content that resonates with your followers. 

3. CTR or Click-Through Rate 

CTR takes the number of clicks a post receives and divides it by the number of impressions.

A low CTR means you have a high number of impressions and a low number of clicks – and that your content may need improving to reach and generate interest from your target audience. 

The social media universe expands every day and it is crucial to be up to date to best serve your audience. It is never too late to review your social media engagement strategy.

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** Vanity metrics are metrics that may make you look good to others but do not help you understand your own performance in a way that informs future strategies.