How Could Mirus Work For You?

December 1, 2013 | Aged Care Management

“The education and support has been fantastic.”

Regional, rural and remote businesses in Australia have always faced unique challenges including skills shortages; the need for improved and efficient infrastructure; and climate change and environmental pressures. Mrs Sandra Strong, CEO of Gunnedah Aged Care Service Limited, recognised the need for continuous improvement initiatives when she was first appointed to the position over 5 years ago, given some of these challenges in her region.

“It is really important to my team and I, that we continue to focus on being a paperless organisation. Over the past few years, I have become an agent of change management to ensure we are using technology to assist us become as efficient and as productive as we can.”

Mrs Strong also has a strong commitment to education within her organisation, for all staff.

We have used ACFI optimisation consultants in the past with good results, unfortunately without continued education and an investment in our people and process, this approach was not sustainable. I was really impressed with the focus Mirus Australia have towards education. As a relatively small organisation with 88 beds, to have the skill of experts to keep my staff abreast of changes and to provide support on an ongoing basis is paramount to me.”

Mrs Strong would you recommend Mirus Australia to your peers?

“Yes and I have.

Given the challenges of our geographical location it makes sense to me to have other facilities within our region use the same products. If a product or service is good, I am going to recommend it. We all get the benefit of knowledge share, education and intelligence when we create interests groups. Many of us including our team members have to be “Jack & Jills of all trades’, so the proven results couples with education that our partners at Mirus offers, is a ‘no-brainer’ for me. Our care staff enjoy being involved in the assessment process and they have gained a deeper understanding of the reasons and the importance of getting it right.

The Mirus team is always professional and no question is ever approached as a ‘silly question’ or one you won’t receive an immediate response from”.

Mrs Sandra Strong

CEO, Gunnedah Aged Care Services Limited NSW