November 15, 2019 | Aged Care Management

In 2019 Samantha Bowen, Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) Principal Advisor for the NEXT GEN initiative and Amanda Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at Mirus Australia launched a grassroots campaign to celebrate women working in aged care.

Did you know over 80% of the workforce in aged care in Australia are women? 

Samantha and Amanda were inspired by Dr Kirstin Ferguson’s #CelebratingWomen project, when in 2017, Dr. Kirstin Ferguson became fed up with the vicious online abuse of women. She turned to social media to create the #CelebratingWomen campaign, profiling two women from anywhere in the world and every walk of life, every day for 1 year. The women loved the campaign and  reached out to Dr Kirstin Ferguson directly and asked if they could ‘borrow’ part of her hashtag. They were not surprised when she said “Go for it! Sounds like a wonderful idea and you will definitely be throwing down the net.”

“Given my career background in dentistry, that I got involved in a start-up, moved countries and started all over from scratch, it just goes to show that we live in an age when you really can do anything. If you are exploring the idea of a career  change [to aged care], absolutely do it!” – Dr Tanvi Dalal

Women’s Agenda series #CelebratingWomeninAgedCare brought to light the stories of unsung women in the aged care industry: Women who work tirelessly and passionately to make a very real difference to the lives of our elderly in a paid partnership with Mirus Australia.  Here are six (6) women profiled in 2019.

“I hope to see an industry that includes awareness and education, particularly around valuing older people and the prevention of elder abuse. None of this is going to happen overnight and not without a lot of hard work.”– Grace Mlingo

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“Following the success of millions of people around the world having benefited from the VDT, the acclaimed education program is now set to transform the hearts and mindsets of Australians on dementia,” – Rebecca Hogan