Continuous improvement requirements for aged care

December 1, 2021 | Aged Care Management

By Katie Airey, Solution Lead

On the 17th of November 2021, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) shared their expectations in relation to continuous improvement requirements and regular review of approved providers plans for continuous improvement (PCI).  

In order to meet legislative requirements and the Quality Standards, providers must ensure they have a written PCI which: 

  • States how the provider will assess their service against the Quality Standards.
  • Demonstrates how the provider monitors and improves quality of care and services, and how this is measured against the Quality Standards.
  • Identifies areas which require improvements to meet the Quality Standards and how the provider will make those improvements. 

Standard 8 requirement 3(c) – Effective Organisational Governance, is frequently listed in the top ten non-compliant requirements in the sector performance reports. 

Providers should ensure they regularly check their PCI and record progress on planned improvements to demonstrate compliance with continuous improvement requirements.

When reviewing your PCI consider: 

  1. Does our PCI reflect consumers needs and experiences?  
  2. Are our consumers involved in planning improvements?  
  3. Is our PCI understood at all levels of our workforce? 

As the Commission ramps up the number of planned site audits for 2021 – 2022, providers need to instill effective governance frameworks across their organisation. Having a plan for continuous improvement and checking your progress against the PCI to improve quality and safety of care services forms part of this requirement. 

Effective organisational governance underpins our performance against the Quality Standards. Utilising an independent perspective is fundamental to identifying gaps in systems and processes.  

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