Enterprise mobility to be key for efficiency

May 6, 2014 | Aged Care Management

Mobility has become a key area for many aged care providers in the near future, bringing a substantial number of benefits thanks to the increased connectivity.

Chief among these benefits is a more productive and engaged workforce, empowered with new, highly capable mobile technologies.

A smartphone with the necessary applications installed can enable staff to access company files and programs while on the move, sharing information across a facility or even to a central database for backup.

In addition, when two staff members are providing care in different parts of a facility, a smartphone can enable constant communication.

While the prospect of managing a large number of mobile devices, networks and applications may seem daunting, the best course of action is achieved by putting proper device practices in place before the transition.

Practices often include placing restrictions on the types of content accessible within the facility, to ensure mobile devices are adopted as seamlessly as possible.

When speaking to the Sydney Institute in April, Treasury Chief Dr. Martin Parkinson explained the benefits of productivity for both the commonwealth and state government level, stressing the need for an increased focus.

"Productivity is the key long-run driver of income growth and its role will be crucial in the coming decade," Dr. Parkinson explained.

Dr. Parkinson went on to outline how many businesses are failing to identify the negative impacts brought on by continual use of dated and irrelevant technologies.

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