Executive Pressure: compliance, clinical and commercial

March 21, 2020 | Aged Care Finance

Like you, our immediate priority is “flattening the curve” and minimising the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

This situation is not hopeless, but it can certainly feel overwhelming. We know you are currently managing the daily pressures and also trying to think ahead.

Well, maybe that does feel impossible?

We are working with our clients, partners and colleagues on how to plan and prepare for the future priorities. Financial safety.  

We provide financial safety to our clients from a distance. Did you know we were already supporting 80% of our clients remotely, just like we have for the past 10 years?

In response to increasing executive pressure in the Aged Care industry, Mirus Australia provides the ‘Executive Pressure’ white paper.

 This is a serious and complex time for aged care in Australia. We are working with professional organisations and our trusted partners so we can respond quickly to the needs of our industry:

 We are working with many of our clients on the following three (3) strategies to focus on financial safety including:

  1. Compliance Strategy: for example, real-time visibility of staff including external contractors / support services
  2. Clinical Strategy: for example, management and accurate forecasting of care requirements
  3. Commercial Strategy: for example, real-time funding, occupancy and forecasting management

Please think of us when you need help and to stay on top of your business, compliance and clinical processes or for a copy of the Executive Pressure white paper.  

Please continue to take great care of your staff and residents, we are here to take great care of your business. Please contact us.