Follow up masterclass: This is how you improve performance

November 4, 2020 | Aged Care Management

What does your follow-up approach look like? 

When you are in the day to day of managing sales and admissions, it is easy to get caught up in how things are, or how things have been done in the past.  

We recently facilitated a workshop to identify key areas for improvement in the admissions process with a large not for profit with a centralised admissions function. We discovered three (3) moments of truth that had the greatest impact on closing a sale: 

1) Did the customer service representative follow up after the customer left their details with the first point of contact? 

2) Did they follow up after sending information? 

3) Did they follow up after the tour? 

Those that did these three (3) things well had significantly higher conversion rates as they were able to nurture their new enquiries closely whilst building trust and rapport with repeated customer-focused contact.  

With Mirus Admissions, you can log all your follow up actions in the Activity Log, and assign reminders to you and your team, linking to their calendar by Logging a Reminder so that you become a follow-up master! To find out more about our Customer Experience workshops, and finding out what your moments of truth are, please contact us or for more information about the Sales + Marketing Diagnostic

Natanya Full is Head of Mirus Admissions at Mirus Australia and with her team, she supports Mirus’s clients in building their customer profile, with crystal clear visibility of pipeline and sales activities and focusing on marketing to attract and retain residents and service recipients via Mirus Admissions. 

Strength in numbers, Is the short answer. Please get in touch with us to find out more about Mirus Admissions or please connect with Nat via LinkedIn or take our free assessment to understand how future-ready your organisation is?