Getting advice from TBAS

August 19, 2014 | Assessment and Optimisation

A number of residential aged care providers may be unaware of the Transitional Business Advisory Service (TBAS), which can offer helpful information in regards to the changing aged care sector.

By utilising the service, any future sector changes should become easier to deal with.

Origins of TBAS

This service was founded in order to help providers adjust to the 2012 reforms, with a particular focus on the new accommodation payment arrangements. Due to the significant adjustments these reforms brought operations, a strong support network is crucial.

The Department of Social Services (DSS) appointed professional services network firm KPMG as the advice provider, in order to be ready for the July 1 payment reforms. However, advice can still be distributed, making the services a good option for residential care providers.

Services are expected to be available until at least June 30 2015, as $6.9 million was previously allocated by the government.

Queries cover a range of topics, which have been outlined below.

  • Increases in the accommodation supplement;
  • The exact role of the Aged Care Pricing Commissioner;
  • Accommodation pricing thresholds;
  • Elimination of prescribed retention amounts;
  • The specific requirements to set and public accommodation prices.

Service operation

TBAS currently operates at two levels, making it simple for providers to access required information. Firstly, a free telephone service is operated that's open to all providers. Information can be provided to general queries about the payment reforms.

In addition to the phone support, there's also a tailored level of assistance for detailed or more complex queries. At this level of service, specific provider circumstances are taken into account.

Often, this is performed as a desktop review, but visits can be considered.

TBAS should certainly be considered by aged care providers as a useful venue for information, especially as it can be utilised until 2015.

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