Have you considered the Mirus Admissions Program?

January 15, 2016 | Aged Care Finance

The role of admissions continues to grow in importance.


It’s really no secret that the aged care sector grows more competitive year after year. After all, as the population clock ticks closer to 24 million, the rising number of elderly Australians continue to look for the best possible aged care. For providers, this can mean it’s difficult to maintain optimum occupancy levels.

This is where admissions staff come into play. These consultants play an essential role in facilities, helping to ensure continued mutually beneficial relationships between aged care homes and potential residents. Now, there’s a program available from Mirus to give admissions consultants the skills they need to continue doing so.

Why admissions is so important

Within an aged care facility with 100 beds, with each bed costing $300,000, the admissions role could manage around $30 million worth of accommodation revenue. With an average ACFI of $150, this would equate to $5.5 million in annual revenue from ACFI alone. These figures, and the fact that an empty bed could cost around $7,500 per month, serve to show just how important admissions is to the financial stability of a residential aged care facility.

Understanding the Mirus Admissions Program

Facility admissions can be a tricky area to manage for many providers, especially when they don’t have the necessary experience. Working with a provider such as Mirus is the best option, as training focuses on developing best practices every step of the way.

The Mirus Admissions Program is designed to upskill admissions consultants across three different competencies. Firstly, there’s financial management, dealing with how bed prices are set and then managed, the different sources of income available to residential facilities and the costs associated with running such facilities.

Then, there are the operational processes associated with admissions. This covers implementing a contact strategy, qualifying customer suitability and supporting the negotiation process. Lastly, there’s client engagement. This area covers client empathy and how to best demonstrate the values and brand.

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It’s time providers start thinking seriously about the admissions process and the best ways to move a potential resident from the initial prospect stages right to the final sale.

For many providers, many areas other than admissions are also likely in need of attention. Reach out to Mirus Australia today to learn more about how we can help with financial sustainability and aged care management.