Guide: What You Need To Know About Using CCTV Devices In Aged Care

September 26, 2019 | Guest Bloggers at Mirus

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While there are a number of potential benefits to using CCTV devices in nursing homes, there are also a number of potential risks – especially if the aged care provider installs CCTV devices before they are in a position to comply with the myriad of additional obligations that apply to its use of the technology.  Non-compliance can have a number of undesirable outcomes including: fines; imprisonment; reputational damage;  expensive legal fees; and losing the trust of residents and the general public.   

We were concerned that some aged care providers might install CCTV devices without knowing all the additional obligations they are taking on (or how to comply with them).  So, we decided to prepare this guide.  We hope you find it useful.

To download the guide, please click here.

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