It’s not about making the most money out of ACFI…

February 18, 2014 | Aged Care Management

“As an organisation, Ozcare understand the importance of closely working with our facility managers and key staff to ensure the long term sustainability and viability of their facilities. A partnership with Mirus Australia is not about making the most money out of ACFI. It is a proven methodology to ensure we are looking at our residents needs on a regular basis, the importance of timely reviews and to ensure we have captured all we are doing for our residents on a day to day basis.

The approach has enabled us to review many of our day-to-day processes to examine where we can improve efficiency and results. This included driving a change in structure of our weekly clinical meetings to one of clinical care and review. This has assisted key staff ensure timely review and reassessments for residents. Applying a robust case management approach, proven business process and a true person centred care model has:

  • Provided greater care outcomes for our residents
  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Improved financial monitoring

The Mirus Metrics platform supports our staff by providing a list of residents that are due for review and we us the Mirus Calculator to see if changes in care needs trigger the need for reassessment. The Ozcare and Mirus teams have worked together closely and we have received valuable support through validation reviews and ACFI pack audits.

Mirus has developed a training package for all levels of our staff including clinical, hospitality, allied health and administrative staff around ACFI and the roles they all have to play in ensuring we achieve the best outcomes for our residents.”

Lanna Ramsay State Manager Ozcare

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