Mike Up with Michael Dalichau + special guest Chris Petzoldt

February 14, 2019 | Aged Care Management

Mike Up with Michael Dalichau. A conversation with expert business leaders.

Michael has a conversation with expert business leaders via his podcast, providing another channel for connection during the complex changes facing the Australian Aged Care industry.

Michael believes the inner pull to change and the external need for change are linked. Based on the data we analyse at Mirus Australia and meetings with business leaders, it’s our experience that many are feeling overwhelmed by the noise and current demands across the entire aged care system. Mike Up provides continued education and bite-size information that is easy to digest and challenges people to keep asking questions, discover more and consider what needs to be changed and when.

Coming up on Mike Up, a conversation with Chris Petzoldt who is Partner & Managing Director Oceania at Simon-Kucher & Partners. Chris has more than 18 years of global consulting experience and opened Simon-Kucher’s Australian operations in 2011. He mainly works in the areas of monetisation strategies (offer design, pricing, sales) for tech, software, telecoms, and media clients. He has conducted more than 150 projects in that space across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, and South America. Clients include large listed entities, unicorns as well as upcoming Internet startups. Chris is a regular presenter at executive conferences around the world like Marcus Evans, NeoEdge, Salvo, GSMA Asia, Zuora Subscribed and others. Chris studied business administration at the University of Kiel and at the School of Business and Commercial Law Gothenburg, Sweden. He majored in Innovation Management and Marketing.

For more information about Simon-Kucher, please click here. To connect with Chris on LinkedIn, please click here. Also, if you’d like us to talk about a specific topic with a credible business leader, please request a podcast here!

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