Mirus Micro: 100% remote + 5 mins per day!

August 26, 2020 | Assessment and Optimisation

We are continuing to invest into remote learning with a collaboration with Yarno, a microlearning software platform built for flexible learning for a more productive and more engaged remote workforce Via Mirus Micro.

With significant pressure on organisations to safeguard their most valuable asset, their people and the industry under financial strain the opportunity to collaborate with credible businesses is a timely decision.

In March 2020, Mirus Australia commenced offering 100% remote learning and education to support the performance of the revenue, admissions and workforce management functions of an aged care provider via Mirus Academy. 

The Yarno collaboration will support the Mirus Academy to ensure credible and reliable education is available 24/7, 365 days via the launch of Mirus Micro.

“We have all undergone changes this past 8 months and there are likely more changes ahead,” says Alyssa Borja, Senior Consultant and Facilitator at Mirus Australia. “Ever since our initial discussions last year with Yarno, we have had a focus on remote learning, contemporary and practical educational opportunities and affordable options for providers. Our focus this year is: Strength in Numbers which includes co-sourcing with other businesses for the best results and the microlearning space is gaining traction in the aged care industry.”

“The average employee only has enough time to spend 1% of their working week on training and development, which works out to about 5 mins a day. How can you possibly learn anything substantial in 5 mins? The answer is microlearning.'” says co-founder of Australian based Yarno, Mark Eggers. 

“Embedded campaigns utilising the content from subject matter experts at Mirus Australia are designed to improve performance. These campaigns can run continuously over a couple of weeks and will also help in identifying knowledge and compliance gaps.”

Mirus Micro powered by Yarno will greatly enhance the current learning and development strategies of aged care providers and deliver higher value to Mirus Australia’s current clients.

For more information about the Mirus Academy for individuals and organisation in aged care, please click here