More than software: Does culture impact how you roster?

November 8, 2020 | Workforce Management

A rostering platform helps you manage shift work, employee checks, payroll, and much more.

But have you thought about how it might help you build your business and improve performance by providing people insights? 

Besides providing trends and important details about your employees clocking in and out activity, a rostering platform also offers insights into human behaviour. 

Think about a team member who constantly clocks in late.

  • Would you consider this as an alarm bell that they are unhappy, or something else is going on in their life? 
  • If the issue is consistent, are you prepared to address this issue and how does it affect your operation and performance? 
  • On the other hand, if an employee often clocks out late, what does it tell you about their workload? 
  • Is it temporary or will it become a problem in the future?
  • Most importantly, does the employee require training to do their job more effectively?
  • Are you rostering the right staff for the right job at the right time? 

There are so many more operational insights to extract from your rostering platform. Beyond operational excellence, your software also extends to the people and cultural perspectives of your organisation. Behind every name on the roster timetable is a real person. An essential person. As an employer, connecting to those people is key to organisational success. 

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Tom Murphy is Head of Workforce Management at Mirus Australia and with his team, they are optimising staff coverage to the care needs of a provider’s residents, minimising the complexity of interpreting awards and integrating technology for improved financial sustainability in aged care.

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