October 1st is about more than Care Minutes – Don’t forget the changes to RVUs! 

September 28, 2023 | AN-ACC

By Shannon Sanderson, Head of Sales

With the focus on care minutes becoming mandatory on October 1st, it’s easy to overlook that there are also changes to RVUs going live on the same day.

Relative Value Units (RVUs) are the weightings used to calculate care minutes from individual AN-ACC classifications. Starting on October 1st, some RVUs will increase while others will decrease.

The most significant changes are to Class 1 and 13, which will see an increase of 33 total care minutes (including 4 RN minutes).

Our industry benchmarking data, covering around 90,000 beds, indicates that the most common classification is Class 5, which will decrease by 12 minutes per day.

Below is a summary of the changes for each classification. 

October 1st is a really big day for the aged care sector. For us at Mirus Australia, it sees us enter our teenage years as we turn 13 on that day! For us it is a celebration and an excuse for cake! 

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