What’s New? Changes to QFR & RN Responsibility Guide

October 11, 2023 | Aged Care Reform

By Christopher Lyons, Consultant

Following the October 5 Department Webinar: Quarterly Financial Report – what’s changed?, several changes to Quarterly Financial Reporting were outlined and subsequent updates were made to the Care Minutes & 24/7 RN Responsibility Guide.

Publishing of Wages Data Publicly

From Q1 23-24, providers will be required to attest that all additional funding provided in response to the Fair Work Commissions 15% wage increase, has been passed onto aged care employees.

In addition, providers have already been asked to detail their Minimum, Average and Maximum wage rates for registered nurses, enrolled nurses and personal care/home care workers. The department will publish the above wage rates information publicly in December, using the rates reported in Q4 22-23 & Q1 23-24 QFR submissions.   

Changes to Care Minutes & 24/7 Registered Nurse Responsibility Guide

As more Care Minute reporting becomes available to the department, and initial Care Time audits are undertaken, we can expect ongoing changes and refinements to definitions of direct care. 

Most notably, direct care exclusions have been broadened to capture funding management related tasks. This directly impacts direct care allocations of roles such as the Clinical Funding Manager & AN-ACC Coordinators. Care time for these roles must be allocated accordingly, and only activities undertaken that are listed in direct care inclusions must be used in care minute reporting.

Similarly, the department have further defined the requirements for Personal Care Workers. Only Aged Care Employees – direct care Level 2-7* can be included in care minute reporting. This impacts roles which could sit on the general schedule such as Laundry Hand, Cleaner, Food Services Assistant & Receptionists from being included in care minute reporting.

* Excluding Aged Care Employee – direct care Level 6

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