The advantages of a connected workforce

May 7, 2014 | Aged Care Management

A number of industries are looking toward new technological systems and processes to increase operating efficiency. A connected workforce is a combination of both new technologies and processes, and can make operations substantially easier.

The aged care sector is set to benefit from this new way of working, resulting in more staff able to deliver more efficient care.

Online learning, as part of the connected workforce trend, is able to speed up training sessions by delivering materials over the internet. For example, if an aged care provider is operating over multiple buildings or facilities, multiple training sessions can be held with ease.

By delivering materials directly over the internet, the need for training staff to move between facilities or even hold multiple sessions is negated.

"Ongoing training delivery and time to competency will present headaches, and online learning is playing a greater role in training program scale and efficiency, providing the opportunity to reduce the costs of delivery and allowing the deployment of content on a greater scale," said Mike Lynn, a leader at research firm Deloitte.

"Mobile learning also opens up opportunities to deliver training on the go and on demand."

The advantages for training will certainly become apparent after implementation, but long-term benefits are also set to come from a connected workforce. Connectivity forms a major part of the trend, and aged care workers will soon be able to see the advantages.

When information is required while staff are on rounds, for example patient records or medication information, staff can simply gain access through a computer, as opposed to having to physically transport documents from a central filing system.

"Connectivity can clearly enhance collaboration and, therefore, productivity. And collaborative employees are also generally more satisfied employees," he explained.

Connected work forces continue to grow in capability, thanks to the advent of new technologies and processes. Aged care facilities should now be considering the best integration approaches.

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