The best ways to train in the aged care sector

April 16, 2014 | Aged Care Management

Training in any industry is important to keep staff up to date – especially in the aged care sector, where reforms, policy updates and clinical skills need constant consideration.

While it may seem like a task that can be delayed, it’s important to understand the benefits achieved through proper training methods. As the aged care sector continues to swell thanks to an upswing in resident numbers, many facilities will find training an invaluable tool.

Training allows aged care providers to teach staff about coming industry changes, including financial reforms or updates to how clinical care must be practised. The time can also be used to voice concerns among the staff, such as areas where improvements are needed or where policy changes may have an effect.

As staff are constantly involved with residents and working within the facility, they’re often the first to spot problems.

Finding the right skills to focus on improving will usually depend on the facility, but there are general steps which can be undertaken that offer a number of benefits.

Resident relations is always useful, and can help to improve how staff interact with future residents. Teaching proper communication can have lasting effects on staff, and ensure they’re always ready to deal with a particularly difficult resident.

Basic IT training is another general training tool that can mean far smoother running thanks to increased redundancy. The best training here is teaching navigation of programs the facility uses. If a staff member is unavailable, another can step up to perform admin tasks.

Getting more information about aged care education is simple with a provider. Mirus Australia is available to assist by providing a wealth of useful information, thanks to experienced staff who are always happy to help.

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