The Future of Work – a single platform solution

September 2, 2021 | Workforce Management

workforce solutions

Access to talent, effective management of workforce processes, skills developments, retention and compliance and governance requirements are among the workforce challenges aged care providers must overcome daily.

Typical pain points include sourcing suitable talent, time to hire, recruitment and agency costs, rostering inefficiencies and a lack of real-time data. The implications are poor client outcomes and costs that don’t match budgets or expectations.  

Recognising that not one process or system would be practical, we have partnered in an industry collaboration to come up with an end-to-end integrated workforce solution that aims to solve these issues. The solution has been developed over 18 months with workforce management platform PowerHouse Hub, recruitment experts Pulse Staffing Australia and Astute Payroll.

“Imagine if you had access to a talent pool of people who are already screened and already willing and able to work,”

James Price tells Australian Ageing Agenda.

The technology-focused offering fits in with a provider’s existing infrastructure, offers real-time visibility of staff costs and skills and is helping providers meet the compliance requirements of Aged Care Quality Standards seven and eight.  

James Price, co-founder of Mirus Australia, says securing the right talent at the right time and at the right cost is central to providing quality aged care. But it is huge a challenge for aged care providers, he says. 

The solution is designed to match an organisation’s demand for staff with carefully selected, qualified and screened staff who are inducted and onboarded through a structured staff-sourcing process, says Price.  

“Pulse Staffing Australia finds the talent to put in the pool. PowerHouse Workforce manages that talent pool and making people suitable to job role available. Mirus Works! then coordinates and rosters all of the staff based on the skills’ data made available. And we also run an award calculation to pay them. And then at the end of our process, we present an interpreted timesheet and Astute Payroll pays them.” There are four organisations in the arrangement but it is seen as one entity from the aged care provider’s perspective, Price says.

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