Using 3rd Platform IT technologies within an aged care facility

May 30, 2014 | Technology

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut back on expenditure whilst simultaneously keeping operations running smoothly.

As organisations turn to a number of different areas to reduce these expenses, improvements to IT operations can often see the best results.

The 3rd IT Platform is an umbrella term for a number of different services and technologies that have evolved over recent years. Examples of 3rd Platform technologies include mobile devices and various cloud services, implemented in a number of different ways.

Utilising the many advantages that 3rd Platform technologies hold over traditional services can result in reduced operational expenses, more capable staff and the assurance that important records and files are constantly backed up.

"The 3rd Platform is a business platform, defined by creative and innovative uses that businesses are finding for mobility, social systems and cloud services," said Joseph Pucciarelli, International Data Corporation Vice President and IT Executive Advisor.

For aged care facilities, the technologies can greatly improve standard business operations.

Cloud services

A broad definition itself, cloud technologies provide businesses with a number of advantages over traditional platforms. With the cloud, important patient records and schedule information can be stored on a remote, secure server.

By doing so, staff can access information from any computer or device, without the the risk of information loss due to a computer system failure.

Mobile devices

Mobile is becoming the key to growth in a number of industries, and aged care especially can see a wealth of benefits. Mobile phones mean staff are never out of contact, and can collaborate across facilities. In addition, management staff can operate over a number of buildings or facilities seamlessly.

Taking advantage of 3rd Platform technologies can ensure aged care facilities are ready for growth over the next few years.

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