Why a budget is important for aged care facilities

June 19, 2014 | Aged Care Finance

Budgeting is essential in any industry, especially in the growing aged care sector. A good budget can allow accurate predictions to be made, keep the facility profitable and build a strong foundation for any future facility expansion or purchases.

Budgeting is simply good business, and as a result it's important to understand why a strong budget is needed.

Setting clear targets

For any business, clear targets are the best way to ensure that both short and long term goals are being met. Well-designed budgets allow a business estimate revenue, plan for upcoming expenditures and map out a spending strategy.

Budget allocations for facilities and equipment

Large expenses can take an aged care facility by surprise, especially new equipment purchases or facility expansions. A budget can serve as a roadmap here, where capital can be saved on a regular basis in a dedicate account.

This ensures that the necessary funding is on hand for expanding operations.

Ensuring flexibility and redundancy

It's a certainty that the business budget will need to change and some point after creation, and this why some flexibility should be built in. Whether it's additional capital saved for a change of plans, or maybe a more restrained secondary budget to fall back on, flexibility and redundancy are highly important.

Generating funding security

Funding is constantly a difficult area for aged care facilities to ensure, but there are avenues for generating funding security. ACFI optimisation is one of the best ways, and involves a comprehensive education process for aged care staff.

ACFI education and optimisation should be considered, especially as resident numbers continue to swell over the next few years.

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