Has your admission management goal changed this year?

August 31, 2020 | Aged Care Management

It really does go without saying that competing priorities have put significant strain on budgets and planning for Aged Care providers.

The conversations we are currently having with executives has highlighted that occupancy and admissions strategies continue to be a key focus with the following goals being discussed: 

  • Set supported resident ratio targets: review and communicate supported resident ratio target to ensure potential supplements are being received 
  • Develop a strategy for respite bed usage: review respite days and expected usage given current climate, with excess days given back if needed, or campaigns to fill respite beds being planned. 
  • Speed up the receipt of committed RAD payments: review the approach to speeding up the receipt of committed RAD payments 
  • Improve customer experience: review customer experience feedback including mystery shopping results and identify areas for improvement from first touch point to exit. 

In addition, there are potential changes to your residential agreements every quarter. As always, Mirus will take care of the daily rates, and accommodation payment amounts impacted by the MPIR as it changes.  

How about the legals? If you are using the Mirus Australia and Kinny Legal agreements, then you are covered. 

If you are using your own, remember to reach out to your Legal service provider to make sure that your agreements are up to date. The biggest change since July is an amendment to the Act to account for emergency leave (e.g. a pandemic) for residential care. 

It is also worthwhile reviewing your retirement living agreements on a regular basis. Things as simple as a change to the name of the facility can often be overlooked. Please use this resource from Kinny Legal to check if you are currently compliant.

Did you know the expert Mirus Admissions team at Mirus Australia can assist you with setting a respite strategy or reviewing customer experience including Mystery Shopping? 

In Mirus Admissions, you can track your respite days and supported resident ratio to see how you are tracking and ensure you are on target! Our team can also provide advice on how to transition to Mirus Australia and Kinny Legal agreements to save you time and provide peace of mind around compliance.  

Natanya Full is Head of Mirus Admissions at Mirus Australia and with her team, she supports Mirus’s clients in building their customer profile, with crystal clear visibility of pipeline and sales activities and focusing on marketing to attract and retain residents and service recipients via Mirus Admissions. 

Strength in numbers, Is the short answer. Please get in touch with us to find out more about Mirus Admissions or please connect with Nat via LinkedIn or take our free assessment to understand how future ready your organisation is?