Aged care accommodation prices available

May 27, 2014 | Aged Care Management

It's no secret aged care providers are involved in one of Australia's busiest and biggest sectors, and this is set to continue from July 1.

Residential aged care providers are required to publish the maximum accommodation prices they will charge from July 1, as well as the key features of each type of accommodation room available within a facility. Additionally, the payment options need to be described and listed.

This is designed to help people looking for aged care services, by providing clear pricing and accommodation information in an easily accessible location.

Accommodation descriptions, in addition to pricing information for facilities, will be published in a number of areas. People will be able to view the My Aged Care website, the websites of providers themselves and on the relevant documentation distributed to prospective residents.

Other changes are also on the way which providers need to be aware of, including changes to the refundable deposit made to a facility.

Following July 1, any refundable deposit greater than $550,000 (or the daily payment equivalent) will be approved by the Aged Care Pricing Commissioner.

According to the Assistant Minister for Social Services, Senator Mitch Fifield, this should equate to "about five per cent of proposed prices" requiring an application to the Commissioner. However, this pricing threshold is set to be reviewed by the government after 12 months.

This deposit change – and others like it – will mean providers have to plan accordingly over the following months.

Following July 1, the aged care system should operate far more efficiently, as well as being more flexible and easy to navigate.

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