Is change management planning important in a software implementation?

July 28, 2020 | Workforce Management

Technology has advanced significantly in the past decade. 

Before the Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) era, investing in a new tool was a lengthy process that took months, if not years to implement!

Deciding to buy a new tool, determining how you were going to roll it out, satisfying various hardware and software requirements, purchasing the proper equipment, implementing into your organisation then investing in training and finally rolling out. 

In addition, post-sale customer service plays a pivotal part in your software implementation success.  

Preparing an organisational change management plan is even more important now than ever before.

Not only to prepare your employees for the change that is about to take place, but also to plan out exactly which tools you are going to implement and how they are going to work together within your environment or eco-system. 

Ask yourself these critical questions: 

  1. Taking software implementation out of the picture, what could you possibly do to improve your process? 
  2. Have you consulted your staff about ways to improve your process?  
  3. What is the competency level of the staff members who potentially will be using the software? 
  4. What is the level of training and support you and your organisation will need? 
  5. Have you consulted with the staff members who will eventually be using the software? 
  6. Can the intended software address your existing problems, or does it require you to adapt further? 
  7. What is the level of customer support that you will receive after the implementation is completed? 

Adaptability is extremely important in software implementation. When you put together a software implementation plan, make sure it is not limited to what the intended software can provide. You should always go out with a plan that allows for flexibility, because after all, the whole point of a software implementation plan is to solve your problems, not exacerbate them.!

Did you know the expert Workforce Management team at Mirus Australia can assist you with your change management planning process?

Human centred design is a core philosophy at Mirus Australia. No matter what we do, we always have our focus on a successful outcome and experience and of course, ensure you get the most from your software implementation.

We work with you and your team to understand your business goals, analyse your existing processes and technologies and provide all this with a flexible, professional and friendly approach.  

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Tom Murphy is Head of Workforce Management at Mirus Australia and with his team, they are optimising staff coverage to the care needs of a provider’s residents, minimising the complexity of interpreting awards and integrating technology for improved financial sustainability in aged care.

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