Chocolate tales of the Mirus team

April 20, 2018 | Aged Care Management

A little while ago a colleague installed a chocolate box on my desk for charity, since then I’ve acquired an extra role: people’s consciousness. They come to me to dialogue with themselves, mostly about two things: chocolate and money.

‘Look, I didn’t have breakfast, I’m being naughty.’

‘I don’t know how you can do it, have the box on your desk…’

‘Oh that’s my favourite, we still have it!’

‘I’ll deposit $5 in case I need more chocolate later on.’

‘This chocolate box is bad. But I like it.’

‘I’m coming to look at the chocolate box, to see if I want one or not.’ Person walks away… half an hour later. ‘I want one.’

‘I’ll put some money in okay! I promise.’

‘A-ha!’ (When they found the one they wanted.)

(Uommmmmmmmmmmmm….person comes over on an electric scooter.) ‘Here we go… I just needed a chocolate.’ Person buys a chocolate. (Person moves away on the scooter… uommmmmmmmmmmmmm.)

‘You are to be my witness, here is $5, I’m taking $4 back.’

‘I had a big workout last night, I deserve all the chocolates I want.’

‘I need more chocolate, it’s so bad, can’t wait until it’s gone!’ (Looking so happy with a mouth full of chocolate.)

‘I’ll be back’ said to the chocolate box.

They come in a group of 3, place their faces inside the box in a huddle, pulling one or the other out. ‘I thought you liked the cherry one.’ ‘No, I prefer this one.’ ‘I’ll ask for another box in.’

This blog was written by our Office Manager and guest author, Tania Crivellenti. Tania is, not only an instrumental part of the Mirus team, she’s also a budding writer. You can check out her blog here: