Technology in aged care – The beauty and benefits of The Virtual Forest™

April 4, 2018 | Aged Care Management

Across Australia, aged care facilities use technology and innovation to improve work and care processes for the benefit of residents.

Technology can offer a range of benefits for seniors, including improved mobility and independence, communication and interaction, and improved quality of life.

A recent Australian study by Helen Hasan and Henry Linger into “Enhancing the wellbeing of the elderly: Social use of digital technologies in aged care” proved that the use of information and communication technology contributed positively to the wellbeing of the elderly. Particularly in relation to self-esteem and personal development, productivity, self-sufficiency or enjoyment. 1

The Virtual Forest™ is one such example where technology is used to enhance quality of life for residents – particularly for those living with dementia.

Using a large interactive screen, The Virtual Forest™ employs gaming technology to create a visual and sensory experience. It is designed to immerse the user in a peaceful and enjoyable virtual environment.

The Virtual Forest™ portrays a beautiful park setting, with colourful flowers, lush trees and a gentle-flowing river – which the residents often find calming, engaging and enjoyable.

Seasons can change with a clap of the hands, and animals can appear and move around the scene with hand motions detected using a special sensor. The sensor allows for a customised experience that is driven by the user.

Residents, their family members and carers have reported seeing numerous positive benefits for residents when interacting with the Virtual Forest™. Contentment, relaxation, a decrease in anxiety levels, higher levels of engagement, a brighter disposition, and greater levels of concentration and coordination have all been cited as benefits of the program.

To see residents interacting with the Virtual Forest™ and hear from carers firsthand, watch the video here.

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Images courtesy of Dementia Australia.