How providers can effectively market their services

May 28, 2014 | Aged Care Management

Marketing is never an easy task, especially for businesses involved in the aged care sector. It can help to understand how to effectively market your services, and what you should be doing to ensure you're the first consideration for residents.

Benchmarking is one of the first steps that should be undertaken, to give providers an idea of where they stand amongst other facilities. In addition, this can identify areas where improvement is needed, and allow a facility to focus energy in the most effective way possible.

Attracting residents is an area providers can often misstep, and neglect to properly engage with. Providers should focus on proactively marketing through a variety of channels, including advertisements, press releases, attending events and distributing marketing materials.

Materials being distributed at this stage should be specific to the facility, and call attention to the benefits of the accommodation and location.

Marketing Director at Marketing Eye Julie Schoneveld explained the difficulty aged care facilities face when it comes to marketing, and what providers can do to effectively market their services.

"It's critical that Aged Care facilities communicate that they can not only look after ones parents, but also have the facilities and the compassion to ensure quality of life," said Ms Schoneveld.

"The websites for many Aged Care companies don't get across the key messages needed to make an informed decision, and this forum really needs to be taken more seriously."

Attention should be given to proper marketing efforts, especially as the industry becomes more competitive over the next few decades. Ensuring your facility is being displayed in the best possible light will mean benefits over the long term.

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