Increasing the bottom line of an aged care facility

April 7, 2014 | Aged Care Management

Increasing the bottom line of an aged care facility is a challenge, but certainly achievable with careful planning, use of the right tools and staff education.

By taking advantage of the above, a facility will often see immediate benefits. In addition, constant education and tool integration can mean consistent, gradual improvements over a period of time. The best first step is taking the time to assess current optimisation efforts, and making further plans.

Education is one of the best ways an aged care facility can increase bottom line results. As the ACFI is a constantly changing system, frequent education is needed to keep aged care facilities up to date. Only with education can providers increase funding.

Ensuring staff understand ACFI is key, as it's a system that – when understood – can bring a number of benefits for an aged care facility. Mirus is able to conduct a detailed education process, connecting with staff and conducting reviews to assess skills.

The company can then calculate an ACFI score, and use it to plan future measures. This can take a significant amount of pressure off the aged care facility.

A number of tools and services can be a great help when assessing ways to reduce expenditure and increase efficiencies. Preparing for and taking advantage of these services early is the best way to manage an aged care facility.

An ACFI calculator, such as the one from Mirus, can do wonders for handling complex ACFI calculations. Accessed via a mobile application available on Android and iPhone, the app has a simple, intuitive interface that anyone can use.

If you'd like help with any ACFI optimisation or have any questions, contact Mirus today.