Preparing for the revised Quality Standards

March 31, 2023 | Quality

Future proofing compliance to the revised quality standards Katie

By Katie Airey, Quality, Risk and Compliance Lead 

There has been a lot of talk about the revised Quality Standards. You have likely already read a few articles on the topic and are feeling just as confused as everyone else. This is to be expected given the impact these new standards will make to how we deliver aged care services.

One of the most important things you can do (other than following all the guidelines in the Quality Standards) is to check that your staff are trained and ready to undertake their tasks and roles under these revised Quality Standards.

Finding innovative ways to continuously upskill your workforce is a key factor in futureproofing your organisation against the rapidly changing environment. As some providers manage change fatigue in the aged care industry, we are being approached by other clients looking to get ahead of the curve and thinking about preparing for further changes coming in the quality and safety landscape.

If you haven’t come across this yet, you can use our revised Quality Standards in Focus series to learn and upskill your workforce about each standard:
Standard 1: The Person
Standard 2: The Organisation
Standard 3: The Care & Services
Standard 4: The Environment
Standard 5: Clinical Care
Standard 6: Food & Nutrition
Standard 7: Residential Community

In response to the demand and broadened focus on aged care reforms, we’ve updated and enhanced our Quality Standards Explained course to help providers understand and implement the current and revised Quality Standards into their practices. This course details how they are linked, what to expect during an Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission assessment and consequences of non-compliance.

For providers who want more personalisation and depth through advisory and consultation, we’re also running Quality Standards Transition Programs that support your team to prepare and manage the revised Quality Standards. Our team will work with you on a customised transition plan to ensure compliance. This program includes an intensive workshop along with on-going support to ensure compliance across all aspects of the seven standards.

Reach out through your Mirus contacts or our quality, risk and compliance team if you’re curious about how the revised Quality Standards will impact your organisation and facilities. We work with you to ensure the cost of proactive compliance maintenance is cost neutral.