Providers share lack of confidence in care minute data management 

November 28, 2023 | Aged Care Reform

By Andrew Farmer, CEO and Partner

In our most recent survey, involving 192 Australian aged care organisations, we uncovered more on the industry’s struggle with care minute data management.  The survey findings underscore the need for targeted support in managing AN-ACC care minute data. As the majority express concerns or uncertainty, it is clear that there is a shared challenge within the industry.

Our focus now is on collaboratively addressing these concerns and providing resources to bolster confidence in managing this critical aspect of aged care. 

AN-ACC strategy adoption: A balancing act 

In navigating the AN-ACC transition, Australian aged care providers employ diverse strategies. A substantial 42% prioritise financial maximisation and roster optimisation, strategically focusing on fiscal efficiency to meet care minute requirements. Additionally, 38% actively balance consumer classifications with rostered care minutes, demonstrating a conscientious effort to harmonise financial considerations with resident care needs. Notably, 9% adopt a decentralised approach, allowing independent teams to handle admissions, funding, and rostering separately. Furthermore, 11% are in the process of formulating an AN-ACC strategy, underscoring the ongoing adaptation required in the dynamic landscape of changing regulatory frameworks. 

Resourcing approach to AN-ACC process 

Providers are using diverse resourcing approaches to manage AN-ACC. Nearly half (44%) choose to retain all ACFI staff/resources, showcasing a commitment to leveraging existing expertise during this crucial period. Additionally, 24% strategically reallocate resources, potentially enhancing overall quality and care by deploying staff to other critical roles. Furthermore, 22% opt for centralisation of the AN-ACC function, creating a collective effort to streamline processes and gain efficiencies amid the transition. 10% are opting to outsource to external providers as a strategic move to tap into specialised expertise 

Confidence in managing AN-ACC care minute data is a shared challenge 

The confidence levels among Australian aged care providers in managing AN-ACC care minute data vary, reflecting the complexity of the ongoing transition. Thirteen percent express a lack of confidence, attributing it to the absence of an implemented data approach and underscoring the need for effective data management strategies. Notably, 31% are somewhat confident, having implemented a Business Intelligence (BI) approach but remaining unsure of its effectiveness. In contrast, a substantial 37% express confidence in their approach, indicating successful implementation of data management strategies tailored to AN-ACC requirements. Meanwhile, 19% remain uncertain about the efficacy of their approach, emphasising the evolving nature of AN-ACC management and the ongoing need for reassessment and adaptation in this dynamic landscape.  

The survey results provide a snapshot of the sentiments shared by aged care providers who are dedicated to transforming their organisations and working towards a better future for older Australians in care. To discuss AN-ACC strategies, resourcing approaches, and managing care minute data, please get in touch.