Do you leave everything to chance?

January 17, 2014 | Aged Care Management

From the ‘if you take shortcuts it shows’ series.

By Amanda Terranova

Having a plan for your personal and professional life, even if flawed at first, is better than leaving all to chance! Have you ever backed yourself into a tight corner where you were afraid to ask for directions because you didn’t know your intended destination?

With the enormous changes happening in the aged care industry – coupled with our ageing population – leaving the longevity and success of your organisation to chance has never been more problematic. For example, are you addressing the expectations of the ‘kids’? AKA – Baby Boomers that want the very best they can afford for their parents. They expect the extra services like gyms, spas, concierges and more!

What about your personal life and your professional development? Can you articulate what you want from your relationships and your work? Is it enough to say, “I just want to be happy”, or can you be brave and plan for the real opportunities and possibilities you crave?

Life can flash before our eyes in a moment, so make sure some of your life is planned so you will find joy in watching it!