The difference between the ACFI and AN-ACC assessment processes

April 5, 2022 | Aged Care Reform

By Robert Covino, Co-Founder 

As we put our attention to the future reform changes, one business process that is getting a lot of airtime, is the funding assessment process.  So, let’s explore that business process, and what it will look like under AN-ACC. 
There has been much discussion about the AN-ACC assessment processes and what is within control of Providers and what is left to the independent assessment workforce that assesses our residents.  To explore this further, this video will step through each process in detail. 

At a glance 

The ACFI assessment process 

The ACFI assessment process is managed in house by providers and requires a coordinated effort of activities across team members which is mostly managed locally by the site ACFI Coordinators. The coordinated effort of building up the clinical evidence within each ACFI claim can take between 8-12 hours of elapsed time, and it is typically worked on over a few weeks. 

The AN-ACC assessment process 

In the new world of AN-ACC, the assessment process is outsourced. Providers will still be required to understand how AN-ACC is determined so that they can forecast the likely assessment outcomes (in the form of case mix alignment) for their entire resident population. Understanding the rules of AN-ACC engagement within the outsourced assessment model will be the new challenge for the AN-ACC Coordinators.  

An additional factor for AN-ACC is that AN-ACC Coordinators will need to identify and plan out their residents who can now either be assessed up for more funding or assessed down in funding. Each case mix will bring a new weighting of required care minutes across the RACs, therefore AN-ACC will require a new approach to claiming. 

Get the detail 

In this video Rob Covino, explains in detail the essential differences between the ACFI and AN-ACC assessment processes.  

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