Mirus Industry Analysis (MIA) April 2021

May 12, 2021 | Aged Care Management

Rob Covino presents Mirus Industry Analysis (MIA), insights into the previous month’s key performance indicators across the not-for-profit, private providers, and the cumulative industry trends from the 89,000+ beds the Mirus Australia team currently monitors for financial sustainability. 

A special AN-ACC shadow assessment edition

We have dedicated this month’s segment to explore the AN-ACC shadow assessment process and what it means for your organisation.

The Australian National Aged Care Classification (better known as AN-ACC) aims to improve funding arrangements to RACFs and promote better care for senior Australians through:

  • Independent, accurate and nationally consistent funding assessments​
  • Removing the administrative burden of the ACFI assessments from aged care providers so they can spend more time providing high quality and safe care

The proposed AN-ACC funding model would introduce changes in three main areas:​

  1. Funding – under AN-ACC, funding would consist of three separate components. The variable component – reflecting the case mix classification for individuals. The fixed component – reflecting the characteristics of a facility i.e. region in which the facility is located and associated delivery costs for that region. The one-off component – an adjustment payment for new residents.
  2. Case mix classification – every person within an Australian Government funded Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) will be allocated a classification of 1 to 13 based on the results of an AN-ACC assessment, which will determine the variable component of the funding.​
  3. AN-ACC assessment – designed by clinicians, the AN-ACC assessment looks at a person’s functional, cognitive and physical capability to ensure they get the right amount of funding to support their care needs. Dedicated and clinically trained assessors will conduct face to face AN-ACC assessments, except when a person is palliative.

Starting in April 2021, all residents in an Australian Government funded RAC (excluding palliative residents) will undergo an AN-ACC assessment. This period will be referred to as the ‘shadow assessment period’, and will run over 12 months, alongside the current ACFI arrangements.

For more detailed information on how the AN-ACC shadow assessments works, please watch this months edition of MIA below.


Get insights for your own organisation against the industry data

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