Good or bad, right or wrong, sooner or later

October 31, 2019 | Assessment and Optimisation

Andrew Farmer is the Chief Executive Officer at Mirus Australia. Andrew drives our strategy which is based on our priorities of growth, focusing on our core value and the future of Mirus Australia. Our vision is to play an essential part in shaping the future of a world-class aged care industry. 

The Mirus Australia team had a productive few days in beautiful Adelaide at the LASA National Congress or #LASACongress2019. With a theme of “Better Ageing Futures. It’s in our hands”  it was a time of conversations, communications and change.

We recently launched a campaign at Mirus Australia named “Change doesn’t have to suck.” This is our response to the significant changes aged care providers are currently facing and how we co-source with our clients, for our clients to support them during these challenges.

The new funding model for aged care was a hot topic at the congress this year and Minister Colbeck formerly announced the commencement of a new funding model trial to start in November 2019.

“There was great debate and robust discussions at the congress about whether the model would be right, whether this is the right time or whether it would be a good or bad thing for the many challenges currently facing the aged care industry,” says Andrew Farmer, Chief Executive Officer.

“Does it really matter? One thing we know for sure is there will be a new funding model and that it will look something similar to the current AN-ACC proposition. Of course the timing, details and exact impacts are not known at this time.”

At Mirus Australia, our understanding of this announcement is that the current funding model or ACFI will potentially be “grand-parented” for current residents.

“It is way too costly to think otherwise,” says Andrew

We think the issue is clear. Now is the right time to ensure your funding has been optimised. All of your residents should be reviewed to ensure that the care you are providing and the highest appropriate level of funding is available. This not only achieves a direct benefit for your facilities, but also puts the true cost of the system in the hands of the government so that any baseline created for the new funding instrument is realistic.

If you don’t know how to make a start on this, please contact us. We have the tools, expertise and ongoing support to ensure you improve your financial position now, and that you will be supported through the transition to the new funding model.

Good or bad, right or wrong, sooner or later.